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Summer Storms in Northumberland

During the last few months, we've all experienced scorching weather along with some great storms, and in Northumberland it's been no different. Keep reading for tips on the best times to visit and to see video footage showing the best of the stormy weather at Bank Top Cottage in Cresswell.

On the Northumberland coast we get some beautiful skyscapes. One day in particular stands out for us because it's the first time we've seen a shelf cloud and this one was so ominous, you couldn't miss it. A shelf cloud indicates that a strong storm is on the way and are the visible 'edge' of the storm system. They're harmless themselves but they do send the message that you should head indoors soon.

dark clouds, stormy weather on the bech, sand, seaweed, dark sea and waves. In cresswell, northumberland, uk.

We captured the above photograph and the Newcastle Chronicle featured it on their social media and their website to showcase the fantastic weather we've been having recently. I say 'fantastic' because we love wet and wild weather. How can you not when it can look like this!

dark grey clouds, stormy weather, splashing waves, dark sea, sandy beach, rocks in the distance. Cresswell, northumberland

The storms are captivating to watch from Bank Top Cottage. Sitting in the warmth with a cup of Northumbrian tea and watching the rolling waves out of the bi-folding doors is one of our favourite things to do. We recommend if it's possible to do so, you should time your stay for when it's a full moon or new moon. We'll explain why further down, after this video showing the storm surge a few years ago.

Moon Phases and the Tides

During a full moon or new moon, the pull of gravity makes the tide stronger and wilder than during other times of the month, and if you can book during these phases, you're more likely to see the wilder side of the waves from Bank Top Cottage.

If you'd prefer to time your stay at Bank Top Cottage with a calm and gentle sea, try and time your booking if you can for outside the full moon or new moon phases. You should have a view that's still and relaxing like the view below.

You can find information for the moon phases on most weather apps or websites, or please do get in touch with us for more details.


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