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Beast from the East in Cresswell

The last day of February 2018 will be a memorable one. We hardly ever see snow in this quiet, Northumbrian village so this is a definite treat. There's no sign of anyone else on the beach, no cars are driving, everything is at a standstill. Last night we had lightning strikes out over the sea whilst the snow was falling. We hope it lasts a few more days but we will enjoy it whilst it's here and maybe make a snowman or two!

Can you see why we love winter by the beach?

Cottage, Cresswell, Northumberland, Druridge bay, Luxury, beach

Cresswell beach, snow, cottage, winter break, holiday, North East

Cresswell, Bank Top Cottage, Northumberland, winter, coast, Druridge bay

Cresswell, beach, coast, luxury cottage, northumberland, Druridge bay, holiday

Druridge bay in winter, in Northumberland near Cresswell beach, UK


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