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Seals at Cresswell, Northumberland

We had the pleasure of having a young seal sunbathe on the rocks below Bank Top Cottage in Cresswell.

We are very lucky with the amount of wildlife around Bank Top Cottage. It's not even necessary to leave the property on most days to be able to witness some lovely sights: we often see pods of dolphins passing by, enjoying the warmer months in the north sea - just recently it was confirmed that Orcas were sighted in Druridge bay! Not to mention the wide range of bird life that visit the rocks at low tide. We love seeing the display of the local Cormorant, he often sits with his wings outstretched drying off after fishing (we can't help but think he's just showing off his lovely feathers!).

We were pleasantly surprised by our most recent visitor - a young seal pup sunbathing on the rocks below Bank Top Cottage! They rested there for a few hours in the morning sun before swimming off and out to sea.

Many of our guests have seen seals swimming in front of the cottage. They are a pleasure to watch, and so playful too, weaving in and out of the water. It's another reason to book your stay with us in Bank Top Cottage, Northumberland.

Seals can be seen at any time of year and they come ashore to rest, especially if the tides are rough. The wild waves can be physically draining for seal pups and smaller seals so it's important to let them rest and leave them be. If you want to take photos, use your zoom!

If you are concerned about the welfare or safety of any seal you see on the beach or if it is clearly hurt or in distress then you can contact the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) hotline on 01825 765546 or 07787 433412. They will often advise you to warn off others, especially dog owners and will come out and check on the seal in person.

Seals are beautiful creatures and are wonderful to watch but it's important to remember they are wild animals, and are generally aggressive if approached. They have sharp teeth and will bite people or dogs if provoked so it's best to keep your distance and admire them safely.

If you would love to learn and see more of the seals in their natural habitat, we recommend taking one of the boat trips to the Farne Islands. You can catch the boats from Seahouses harbour for a wonderful day out in Northumberland.


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